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Teacher's Reading Toolkit

The Teacher Toolkit website connects users to the vast array of materials available through Reading and Language Arts resource networks. It provides teachers with an access to carefully selected, research-based resources (lesson and unit plans, teaching strategies, center activities, videos, books, and articles) for Reading and other areas of English Language Arts instruction and for family engagement strategies. 

The resources and activities are related to evidence-based best practices in Reading and Language instruction and are connected to research around cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development of young children and around difficulties experienced by struggling readers including English Learners. 

We hope the toolkit will help the audience find creative ways of using technology and media to deepen the understanding of the standards and of aligning these best practices with instruction grounded in Common Core State Standards.

You will find four buttons at the bottom of each Teacher Toolkit page: Watch, Read, Explore and Apply. These were created to provide teachers with relevant resources and support individual learning styles. Click the Watch button to view the videos of webinars, lectures, discussions and other useful media. Clicking the Read button will take you to a page with links to and citations of books, research articles, guides, and other useful materials. The Explore button was created to introduce you to comprehensive websites where you could discover a wealth of relevant information. And, finally, by clicking the Apply button, you could find out how to effectively implement some of the Teacher Toolkit strategies in a classroom setting. Explore and enjoy!