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Welcome to the Pre-K Reading and Language Teacher Toolkit!

In their early years, children’s brains are like sponges -- they are eager to soak up information and experiences that are in the world around them. Children are fearless and willing to try new things. They like to ask questions of everything, including the most important question of: “Why?” For children ages 3-5, it is important that these children are presented with educational experiences that promote reading and writing. The Joint Position Statement of the International Reading Association and the National Association for the Education of Young Children states that “Failing to give children literacy experiences until they are in school can severely limit the reading and writing levels they ultimately attain.” 

The ReadTennessee.org website provides a “toolkit” which will help you understand best practices in language and literacy for young children. While our focus is on language and literacy, it is important to note that language and literacy are at the base of everything in an early childhood setting. Resources are provided in the following areas of early childhood education: Alphabet Knowledge, Book Awareness and Reading Aloud, Concepts of Print, Emergent Writing, Integrating Literacy throughout the Curriculum, Oral Language and Vocabulary, Phonological Awareness, and Social/Emotional Awareness. 
Each area will provide you with resources to read, video links to watch, strategies to utilize, activities to implement and assessments to conduct in your classroom as you teach the leaders of tomorrow.

Tennessee School Readiness Definition Project

Be a part of developing components of TN’s School Readiness definition. The goal of this project is to promote school readiness by aligning and enhancing the statewide early childhood system of care and education for children ages birth through 5 years. This grant provides the state the opportunity to reach a state-wide definition of school readiness, confirm core competencies needed by early childhood professionals to support school readiness, and provide recommendations for professional development of the early childhood workforce in the core competencies.

Please visit the School Readiness blog to give thoughts on the Early Childhood Advisory Council project regarding the promotion of school readiness through alignment of early childhood systems.