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W.K.2 Teaching Strategies


1. Science Notebook- Keeping a Science Notebook encourages students to record and reflect.

2. A Teacher's Guide to Using Newspaper to Enhance Language Arts Skills helps teachers discover new ways to use the newspaper in your language arts studies.

3. Second Grade Writing Resources provides information and templates for many genres of writing. For this standard, scroll down to the “Types of Writing” section of the page and find the “Persuasive” writing section. Here you will find information on persuasive writing, suggestions for prompts and a rubric for scoring persuasive writing.

4. In this strategy guide, Peer Review,  from the Read Write Think website, teachers can learn how to guide students in using peer review for evaluating and improving writing. There are links to handouts, such as “Peer Edit with Perfection” and tutorials and guides to help teachers. Sentence stems and other adaptation ideas are given.