With prompting and support, name the author and illustrator of a story and define the role of each in telling the story.


  • story
  • role
  • text
  • author

  • telling/writing (a story)
  • define
  • illustrator
  • illustrations
  • pictures

  • Identifying the author and illustrator helps students understand how text develops. 
  • Defining the role of the illustrator helps students understand how illustrations (and, as they become more mature readers, how graphs, charts, and tables) support deeper understanding of both narrative and informational text. 
  • Illustrations (such as graphs, charts, tables, and pictures) help support children’s reading and understanding of mathematics, science, and social studies. 
  • Representation of content through illustrations can strengthen understanding of literature by English language learners and students with learning disabilities. 
  • Understanding the role of the author supports the more mature readers’ later understanding of author’s purpose for writing, point of view, tone, and the use of literacy devices.
  • Understanding the role of the author and/or the illustrator supports more mature understanding of persuasion and bias by authors and illustrators related to cartoons, pictorials, essays, advertisements, and so forth.

  • How do the author and the illustrator work together to support students’ understanding stories?
  • How do the author and the illustrator contribute to the enjoyment of, and the engagement in, reading stories?
  • How do the author and the illustrator differ in their roles? 
  • How can knowledge about the author and illustrator support text comprehension through read-alouds and think-alouds? 
  • How can knowledge of the author and illustrator strengthen oral discussion and dialogue about the story? 
  • Do illustrations, sometimes, prompt children to guess at meaning?

SAMPLE PERFORMACE TASKS – Students identify Edith Thacker Hurd as the author of Starfish and Robin Brickman as the illustrator of the text and are able to identify the materials and contribution each makes to the story.


Go to RL.1.6 to see the progression of related skills.