RL.K.3 Lesson and Unit Plans


1. Exploring with Friends in the Neighborhood - The kindergarten unit 3 map, Exploring with Friends in the Neighborhood, has students identify and ask questions about characters, settings, events, and unknown words in order to find out more information in books. The related activities provide interdisciplinary links to music, art, social studies, geography and writing.(Source: Common Core Curriculum Maps)

2. Think About Story Elements - Here is a five week sequence of mini-lessons about story elements for kindergarten students gives suggestions for explicit teaching and modeling during read aloud, texts to utilize, links to interactive writing and literacy centers, and assessments to measure student progress in this area. (Source: Parkway Schools)

3.  Map It Out - In this lesson, students will explore how illustrations contribute to the telling of the story and practice “reading” illustrations to find out key information about characters, setting, and plot in order to complete maps related to those story elements. Although it focuses on the importance of illustrations, students also have the opportunity to practice creating illustrations to accompany text, and then writing text or descriptions to accompany their illustrations. It would be a good introductory lesson that would lead students to then identify these same elements utilizing the text of the story. Character, setting, and plot maps are included, along with an assessment rubric. (Source: Arts Edge, The Education Department of The Kennedy Center)