RL.3.7 Assessments


1. Tennessee teachers can complete an online course on formative assessment offered by Battelle for Kids that will help guide the development and implementation of high quality formative assessment across content areas and grade levels. This course offers 9 topics: (1) Introduction to the Formative Assessment Instruction Course, (2) Professional Learning Teams, (3) Overview of Assessment for Learning, (4) An Introduction to the 5 Keys of Quality Assessment, (5) Clear Learning Targets, (6) Sound Assessment Design, (7) Communication for Learning, (8) Student Ownership: A Critical Piece, and (9) Actionable Strategies: Putting it All Together. (from the Battelle for Kids website)

2. Here is an assessment is included in the fourth lesson under the Lesson Plans tab and is designed to accompany the book Zoom by Istvan Banyai. It could be adapted for other texts used to teach Standard RL.3.7. 

3. RCampus is a free online management system. This particular link connects to a rubric that could be used to assess students’ abilities to use a text’s illustrations to make predictions and connections. It could also be adapted to include the concepts of mood, character, and setting. After registering for a free membership account, teachers can edit and adapt rubrics that have already been created or design their own rubrics from scratch.