RL.3.3 Activities/Centers


1. On the website for the Florida Center for Reading Research, teachers can find learning center activities specifically designed for 2-3 grade students. Comprehension: Students describe characters by using a character map student sheet and answering questions in each section of the map. Activity C 001. Center activities for related skills of summarizing and making inferences are also available under Part 4 of Comprehension Activities.

2. Character Analysis Activities for the Third Grade This is a short list of class activities (some of which can be adapted for centers) to help third grade students analyze character traits of protagonists as they are revealed in the events of narrative texts.

3. Introducing Character Traits This printable helps students understand what a “character trait” is and can be utilized with a variety of literature as students sort good traits vs. bad traits.

4. Throw A Post-it Party Although this is presented as a parent activity, it could be used in the classroom to show students how authors of narrative text gradually reveal character traits, motivations, and feelings.

5. Printable character trait graphic organizers, including traits revealed by evidence in the text and comparing and contrasting two characters.

6. Drawing Conclusions  After teaching the whole group lesson, teachers can have students complete this activity in centers, as students will detect character traits in books they are reading independently and record evidence on printable blue ribbon sheets.