RI.3.5 Assessment


1. ITRI: Informational Text Reading Inventory – Grade 3 – This comprehensive downloadable document includes lesson plans, glossaries, assessments, pre-and post-assessments, and a teacher manual on teaching informational text comprehension in third grade. Although the document was developed to address Indiana reading standards, it contains information that is directly relevant to Common Core State Standard W.3.5. [from the Center for Innovation in Assessment, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to designing and developing quality educational materials for elementary and secondary schools in Indiana and throughout the United States]

2. Comprehension of Informational Text – This document focuses the Maryland State Standard “Comprehension of Information Text”. It includes descriptions, lesson plans, and sample assessments for the six “indicators” of the standard, including “the ability to identify and use text features to facilitate understanding of informational texts” (listed as #2). Although the document was developed to address Maryland’s Third Grade Reading/ELA standards, the information is consistent with Common Core State Standard R.I. 3.5 and can be useful to teachers in assessing this standard.