RI.3.2 Lesson and Unit Plans


1. Inspired by the Sea – In this six-week unit, students read stories, poetry, and informational texts that are inspired by a love of or curiosity about the sea. Please go to the “Class Discussion/Information Text” section under “Sample Activities and Assessments” for lessons directly related to standard RI.3.2. (Source: Common Core Curriculum Maps)

2. Identifying the Main Idea in Informational Texts – In this 1-hour lesson plan, third graders will determine the author’s message in an informational book by using clues from the text. (Source: Lessonopoly web site, the Santa Clara County Office of Education in California)

3. Main Idea in Informational Text – Grade 3 – This 90-minute lesson focuses on teaching students to identify the main idea and supporting details of a text, and continues with the students writing a summary paragraph of their findings. Pre- and post-assessments are included. (Source: The Ohio Department of Education)

4. Informational Text Use in the Third Grade Classroom – This lesson covers the navigation of informational text, including the identification of the main topic. (Source: The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)