RI.3.1 Lesson Plans


1. Guided Comprehension: Self-Questioning Using Question-Answer Relationships -- Based on the Guided Comprehension Model developed by Maureen McLaughlin and Mary Beth Allen, this lesson introduces students to the comprehension strategy of self-questioning. Students learn the types of question-answer relationships (QARs), identify where and how answers can be found, and demonstrate their understanding of the strategy as they analyze The Story of Ruby Bridges and generate new questions about the text. (from ReadWriteThink, the International Reading Association)

2. Informational Text Use in the Third Grade Classroom – This lesson covers the navigation of informational text, building a foundation for using questions to better understand the text. (from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)

3. Asking Questions: Mini-Lesson – This five-week unit was developed to foster and encourage curiosity and show students how to ask questions that deepen comprehension. While most of the texts used are literary, the lesson can easily be adapted for reading informational texts. (from the Lambton Kent District School Board in Ontario)