Recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question.


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Unpacking the Standard: W.2.8
Student Friendly Learning Target: W.2.8

  • answer a question
  • information sources
  • gather information
  • recall information
  • questions and answers
  • personal experience

  • When students focus on key ideas and details as they recall information from experiences, they begin to discern what is most important and relevant. This analytical thinking is essential across grade levels and content areas.
  • Recalling details about experiences supports the student’s use of long term and working memory during the learning process.
  • The task of recalling information from experiences supports reading and writing skills such as sequencing, organization, and the recognition of key ideas and supporting details.
  • Gathering information from sources to find answers to questions is a required skill throughout the child’s school career and across the curriculum.

  what's this 
  • What steps are involved in developing a plan to answer a particular question?
  • Why is it important that students try to connect new information to what they already know from past experience?
  • What kinds of information can students gather from books and other sources to answer questions?
  • What types of questions should students know to ask as they recall or gather information from various sources?
  • What language skills (speaking, reading, and listening) support students recalling information from experiences or gathering information from various sources to answer a question?

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