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RI.2.6 Lesson Plans and Units


1. Building Bridges with Unlikely Friends -Students read how-to texts on building bridges and view these amazing structures on the Internet. Through realistic fiction, they examine the possibility of friendship in conflict-filled settings. Students also gather words from poetry and explore the meanings of idioms and words with common roots. (Source: Common Core Curriculum Maps)

2. Identify and Discuss the Authors Purpose – This document is from the “Empowering Teachers” series. It provides explicit instructional information on how to teach the lesson. The document also includes printable materials related to the lesson. (Source: Florida Center for Reading Research)

3. Author’s Purpose: Second Grade Reading Skill – This PowerPoint presentation includes simple slides related to author’s purpose. It can be used as an organizational tool in teaching a lesson, or may be used in conjunction with other activities that focus on author’s purpose. (Source: Jefferson County Schools in Dandridge, TN)

4. Author’s Purpose Lesson Plans – Click on the “Second Grade Unit” to access three lessons focused on the concept of author’s purpose. **Please note that some of the lesson handouts require registration (free) on the site. (Source: ReadWorks.org, an online resource for teachers focused on reading comprehension)