Ask and answer questions about what a speaker says in order to gather additional information or clarify something that is not understood.



  • ask
  • answer
  • speaker
  • "w" plus how questions

  • understand
  • active listening
  • information

  • clarify
  • question/questioning
  • understand

  what's this
  • Question generation and response supports oral language development and discourse as well as active listening—skills appropriate for all grades and content areas.
  • Students’ metacognitive skills are supported by learning to ask and answer questions. This, in turn, promotes comprehension and deeper engagement with class discussion across contents and grades
  • When students ask and answer questions they learn to focus on details and integrate background knowledge with new knowledge.
  • More advanced skills of analysis, making inferences and forming opinions are supported by the prerequisite skill of answering and asking questions.
  • Listeners must recognize when they are confused or when information is lacking in order to ask and answer questions to receive help or to obtain additional information all through their school career.
  • The skill of distinguishing relevant and irrelevant information in what is heard by asking and answering questions supports the ability to summarize, orally and in writing, in subjects such as science, social studies, and mathematics.

  • What instructional strategies support the development of students’ skills and abilities to ask and answer questions about what they have heard?
  • What instructional strategies and classroom activities promote active listening, including attention to key ideas and details?
  • What techniques and procedures can teacher model during oral discussions to support appropriate discussion between and among students, including asking and answering questions of one another?
  • How important is vocabulary to asking and answering questions about what a speaker says?

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