Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.


  • retell
  • message
  • lesson

  • moral
  • important
  • summary
  • key details

  • Retelling stories requires students to demonstrate an understanding of how story events move through a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  • Retelling stories (including key details and the central message or lesson) requires that students expand their academic vocabulary to include words such as retelling, message, moral, lesson, and order. Other words introduced and used orally may include sequential, main idea, important.
  • To successfully retell a story, students must be able to identify and organize key details as they occurred in the story (sequential order).
  • Students who can correctly answer the question, “What is the author telling or teaching us in this story?” demonstrate an understanding of the central message or lesson.
  • Successful retelling requires students to indicate, initially with prompting , how key details support the central message or lesson.
  • Students who are successful at retelling have learned how to integrate personal prior knowledge into their retelling.
  • Retelling stories to include key details and the central message or lesson helps students understand narratives and their structures.
  • Focusing on key details during retelling helps students discern what is relevant and what is not relevant to the story
  • Focusing on key details during retelling provides students with clues to support the identification of the central message or lesson.
  • Retelling and summarizing are active reading comprehension strategies that students can apply
    to a variety of texts across content areas and grade levels.

  what's this
  • What specific criteria must students know in order to successfully retell a story (e.g. orientation, setting, events, and characters)?
  • What activities help students practice putting events into sequential order?
  • What specific strategies help students identify the central message, lesson or moral of stories?
  • What academic vocabulary must be taught to support students’ understanding of this standard?
  • What prerequisite knowledge must students possess about story structure and story elements in order to retell a story?
  • What role does personal prior knowledge as well as the ability to discern key details play in a student’s ability to identify the central message, lesson, or moral of a story
  • How does the author use key details to convey the central message of the text?

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