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Mathematics Vocabulary


"Mathematics is entirely free in its development, and its concepts are only linked by the necessity of being consistent, and are co-ordinated with concepts introduced previously by means of precise definitions." George Cantor

Today’s math textbooks and tests are immersed in a complex language of symbols, expressions, and vocabulary. Understandably students need a solid foundation of these terms to build mental capacities for mathematics.

Math vocabulary and terminology is imperative in the early grade. Math vocabulary assists students in understanding concepts and applying those concepts to solve complex word problems. Take into consideration the following two sentences: "Find the answer," and "Find the sum."
In the first sentence students have no idea of what type of equation this is without looking. However, if a teacher was to say the second sentence, students who were taught math vocabulary will routinely know that the equation must involve putting groups of numbers together in order to find the answer.

Having a class enriched with a fluent language of math allows students to build a strong foundation of basic knowledge which is required through the different branches of mathematics.