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Mathematical Content Areas

As teachers we must understand the mathematics content. Only then can we guide, support, differentiate, press, and assess students, as they become mathematicians.

Only as high
As I reach
Can I grow,

Only as far
As I seek
Can I go,

Only as deep
As I look
Can I see,

Only as much
As I dream
Can I be. 
                        - Karen Ravn

School mathematics is composed of different content areas that students should learn. The content areas identified by the Common Core Standards are:

Counting and Cardinality
Number and Operations (Base Ten; Fractions) 
Algebraic Thinking 
Measurement and Data

Each area describes the mathematics in each content area relevant to Kindergarten through Grade 3, information about how students tend to learn the content, what mathematics they should come to understand and be able to do in each content area, as well as common difficulties students often have in each content area.