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Teacher's Mathematics Toolkit

The advent of new technologies means that all adults now need to be able to reason mathematically in order to work and live in today’s society. I think it is absolutely imperative that we, as elementary educators, realize the overwhelming nature of this challenge. We must realize the importance of elementary mathematics and science instruction and the fact that we must provide solid foundational experiences for our students that not only teach them, but inspire them to love these subjects.” 

Zak Champagne “Making Sense of Math and Science: It’s Elementary“, Teacher of the Year, Duval County, Fla. 

Children need to know how to get to the answers through whatever methods make sense to them. Teachers understand that there are different ways of learning and thinking, and that it helps to teach in different ways to take advantage of those different ways of learning. Students’ brains may work differently, and what seems like an easy way to understand a problem for one child may be difficult for another, but by offering the problem in a different way, the child may find it easier to understand.

The Teacher Math Toolkit connects teachers to evidence-based mathematical practices, mathematical content areas, and instructional modules to support high quality instruction for the different learning styles of students, Pre-K through 3rd grade. In addition to an array of best practices, the Math Toolkit provides creative ways of using technology and media to deepen the understanding of the standards and of aligning best practices with instruction grounded in Common Core State Standards.

You will find four buttons at the top of each Teacher Math Toolkit page: Watch, Read, Explore and Apply. These were created to provide teachers with relevant resources and support individual learning styles. Click the Watch button to view the videos of webinars, lectures, discussions and other useful media. Clicking the Read button will take you to a page with links to and citations of books, research articles, guides, and other useful materials. The Explore button was created to introduce you to comprehensive websites where you could discover a wealth of relevant information. And, finally, by clicking the Apply button, you could find out how to effectively implement some of the Teacher Toolkit strategies in a classroom setting. Explore and enjoy!