Counting and Cardinality Activities


Count Us In

This website contains games and activities for teachers on number concepts.

PBS Teachers website for Math Pre-K: Number and Operations

Note resources for mathematics --- Lesson Plans, Offline Activity/Projects, Interactive/Online Activities, and Videos. (NOTE: Curious George Videos do not appear to be active at this time.)

Early Childhood Today

At site, Early Childhood Today, select Activities on left column ,then click on Manipulatives on the classroom drawing. Review activities for using manipulatives in the early childhood classroom.

Rhymes for Counting and Number Themes

Sample rhymes on counting  are on Gayle’s Preschool Rainbow website. 

Pre-Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics Sample Activities

Select Pre-Kindergarten samples and scroll down to see the full instructions for the Comparing in Trays (Number Concepts) Activity.

Finger Math

An activity plan is described with ideas on how to use fingers in the counting process.