Generate measurement data by measuring lengths of several objects to the nearest whole unit, or by making repeated measurements of the same object. Show the measurements by making a line plot, where the horizontal scale is marked off in whole-number units.


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Unpacking the Standard: 2.MD.D.9
Student Friendly Learning Target: 2.MD.D.9
Visual Representation of Learning Target: 2.MD.D.9


This standard focuses on students' ability to generate their own data, then plot it on a number line. This skill helps develop students' ability to work with and visually display information, which prepares them for future standards dealing with more in-depth data analysis and visualization.

Understanding the Standard:

    • Provide a variety of opportunities for students to measure objects in the world around them. Once the sets have been determined, guide students to participate in displaying the information in a line plot.
    • Guide students through drawing a number line with whole numbers marked. Then have them create a line plot by marking their data points above this number line.

      Questions to Focus Instruction:

      • Can students accurately measure the same object multiple times, either over a period of time, or in multiple attempts/situations?
      • Can students communicate relevance of measurement data to the task?
      • Can students make generalizations about the data gathered and create a line plot for the data?
      • Are students able to pick objects of which they could compare the lengths?
      • Do students understand why repeated measurements of the same length might yield different results?
      • Are students able to create line plots which accurately reflect the data they generated?


            Prior to: Mastery at this level includes the ability to separate a set of objects into many categories and then communicate the reasoning for each grouping.

            At Grade Level:
            Students will measure objects around them and create a line plot that will accurately display the results.

            Moving Beyond:
            Students will continue to measure a variety of objects and then create a visual display of the data. Go to 3.MD.B.4 to see the progression of related skills.