K.CC.C.6 Media



1. 1st Grade Math - Unit 1: Lesson 5- Although this video is for first grade, it is on comparing whole numbers using the terms greater than, less than, and equal to.

2. By The Numbers - Who Has More- Michelle and Renee show a few different games and exercises to aid in helping their kids with subitizing, the ability to see numbers without counting. They also use dice and other manipulatives to see who has more objects. (Source: My Kids Turn, YouTube)

3. Comparing More Than, Less Than, Same- On the MathVIDS: Video Instruction Development Source website scroll down to the section Videos for Teaching Plans: Explicit Teacher Modeling. The teacher uses Herman the crab to tell a story about sharing that compare who gets the most cookies. There are three video clips that tell one story on Comparing More Than, Less Than, Same. The teacher identifies if a given group has more, less or the same as another group by using chocolate chip cookies. (Source: Math VIDS, College of Education, University of South Florida)