K.CC.C.6 Lesson Plan



1. M&M Math - M&M Math teaches number recognition and progression, and strengthens rote counting skills. The teacher reads the M & M Counting Book to the whole group and then there are four stations to complete. Station 1 uses estimation of m & m’s in baggies. The students will compare the bags of m& m’s. (Source: LEARN NC, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education)

2. Is Your Order Up or Down? The students will actively explore ordering numbers (from least to greatest and greatest to least). The students will engage in a whole group and cooperative learning group setting to explore ordering whole numbers. Students will also explore interactive web activities in an effort to enhance their understanding of ordering whole numbers. (Source: Alabama Learning Exchange, Alabama State Department of Education)

3. Island Inequality Mat.- The concepts greater than, less than, and equal to are explored in this 2-lesson unit. Students create piles of food on two islands, and their fish always swims toward the island with more food. The fish's mouth is open to represent the greater than and less than symbols. Students transition from the concrete representation of using piles of food and the fish to writing inequalities with numerals and symbols. (Source: Illuminations website, NCTM)

4. Comparing More Than, Less Than, Same- Concrete Level provides students with multiple practice opportunities to make a group of objects that is less than, more than, or the same as a given group of objects. (Source: MathVIDS Video Instructional Development Source, College of Education University of South Florida)