Write numbers from 0 to 20. Represent a number of objects with a written numeral 0-20 (with 0 representing a count of no objects).




K.CC.A.3 Summary:

Students in kindergarten are ready to expand their knowledge of numbers to include representing the number of objects in writing. It is important for students to represent the size of a set of objects both by writing a numeral and by saying the name of the numeral. This should be done within the range of 0 to 20.

Understanding the Standard:



Teachers may want to revisit some standards after teaching the content of progressive standards; this will give students an opportunity to develop a better understanding of earlier standards. For example, after students gain experience with counting through K.CC.A.4 and K.CC.A.5, teachers may want to revisit this earlier standard so that students can practice writing the numerals they come up with when counting objects.


  • The teacher should include a variety of activities where students can match sets of objects with the written numbers.
  • Students need repeated practice developing visual images for quantities to 10 and with matching the numeral with a set of objects that corresponds to it.  For example, a student can recognize and understand what four (or another number) of something looks like.
  • If given a specific written number, students will count out that many items and arrange them to show the quantity.
  • The teacher can call out a number up to 20 and students can write the number.
  • Students can count out a number of objects and then write the number of objects.

Questions to Focus Instruction:

  • If given the name of a whole number from 0 to 20 out loud, can the student write the numeral?
  • If a student counts a collection of objects, can he/she record the result using a numeral?
  • Does the student understand that the numeral 0 represents a count of no objects? (This question is very important - this standard is the first occurence of the number 0 in the CCSSM.)



Prior to:
Students are able to count the sequence of numbers from 1 to 20.

At Grade Level:
Students will write the number 0 to 20, in isolation (a studnet can write the number "14" without having to start from the number "1" and writing out the entire count sequence), and record how many objects are in a collection.

Moving Beyond: Students will write numerals to 100 and beyond. See 1.NBT.A.1 for progression.