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Helping with Homework and providing Extra Practice


Helping Your Child with Homework

Homework is an opportunity for your child to practice the skills he/she have been learning in the classroom. Homework also provides an excellent opportunity for parents to spend time with their child and reinforce the belief that education is essential to success in life. Helping with homework doesn’t mean doing the work for your child. It means checking to see that it has been done, helping your child come up with ways to do the work, and encouraging your child’s effort. It is a good time for you to see if your child understands what is being taught in the classroom, and to intervene if he doesn’t. Your child may need some extra help from you or another adult or an older sibling, or some help from his teacher.

Here are things you can do to promote homework success:
  1. Provide a quiet place for your child to study and work. Make sure that they have the materials to complete the work (paper, pencils, crayons, etc). This place should be free from the noise of the TV or radio and should be well-lit.
  2. Make sure your child understands the directions for the task. Read through them with your child and then have them repeat in their own words what they are to accomplish.
  3. Praise your child’s efforts. If they get discouraged or frustrated, take a small break and come back to the work when their level of stress has subsided.
  4. Talk with your child about what they are learning. Make sure they understand the skills they are being taught and asked to practice at home.
  5. Check their work and encourage them to fix their mistakes. More importantly, talk about how they can avoid making that same mistake again.
  6. Communicate with your child’s teacher if you feel your child is struggling in a specific area or if you have questions about what your child is learning in the classroom.


Math @ Home: a Good Math Resource for Parents Who Want to Help Their Children with Math

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