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Welcome to the Family Toolkit!

In the Family Toolkit, you will find information that will help you in these major areas of child development:


  • Social/Emotional - The ability to develop relationships with others, to develop self-awareness and self-confidence, and to understand and cope with feelings
  • Physical - Development of Fine (small) and Gross (large) Motor Skills, the ability to move large and small muscles
  • Cognitive - Gaining knowledge, learning to reason and solving problems in daily life. Learning to read and write, as well as understanding math (the study of numbers, patterns, space, and change) are major parts of cognitive development.
  • Speech and Language - Talking, listening, reading, writing and singing are all creative ways to build speech and language



What do children need to help them learn, and how can we help them? Watch this video Clip.


This area is divided into topics that will help you understand your child's development in each of these areas. Click on a button to learn more about the topic.





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